Headliner Shelf Installation

So in Sprinter vans, there’s a lot of space in the cab above the driver’s and passenger’s heads. While it’s nice to be able to stand up in the cab, this extra space can also be used for valuable storage.

While some people choose to make their own shelf to fit into this space, there’s a great made-to-fit option for $495.99 by RB Components. They offer two shelf options–a raised and a regular. The raised option sits higher up, reducing the amount of space you get to store things, but giving you more space above your heads while sitting and driving. The regular option sits as low as you can go, and provides more storage, but we decided to go with the raised shelf option for more head space.

The shelf arrived after about a week, and was very well packed.

Included in the box was the shelf, four brackets to mount the shelf, and the hardware.

The first step is to install the brackets. This requires you to remove the hook cap and hardware, as well as the visor hardware.

For the brackets that attach to where the hooks are, we think that normally the brackets are meant to be attached in front of the plastic (so the hook hardware would be against the metal bracket, which would then sit on the plastic siding). However, we realized that while the plastic siding has two holes so that the hook doesn’t wiggle or rotate, the metal bracket doesn’t have this. This is why we ended up deciding to insert the metal bracket under the plastic siding, so that the hook could sit in its normal grooves.


The visor brackets were a little more straightforward–they are more square in shape and are sit behind the visor parts.


When it came time to actually slide the shelf into place, we found it was a much tighter fit than anticipated. We actually had to rotate the hook located brackets out of the way just to get the shelf in the correct position. The styrofoam blocks that come stock with Mercedes on either side of the headliner also were a bit of an obstacle.

Once the shelf was in place, we attached the hardware to screw the shelf into place against the brackets. We started with the visor brackets.


Once those were done, we rotated the hook brackets back into place and attached the hardware to them. And finally, we had installed the shelf!

The whole process took about 45 minutes, and would have taken less time had we known that it worked better to install the hook mounted brackets under the plastic, and to rotate them out of the way while we were putting in the shelf.

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