Roadtrip East 2017

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So after the our August wedding, Avi and I completed a few projects on the van (installing a ceiling fan, headliner shelf, curtains, and temporary bed platform) and then we finally headed out of town the first Monday of September. IMG_0678

We headed northeast into Montana, and spent our night at a free campsite just outside of Glacier National Park:


The next day we headed south to Yellowstone, and spent the night at another free campsite on a road just outside the park.


The next day we explored Yellowstone a bit, visiting the Boiling River hotsprings, checking out some wildlife, and of course seeing Old Faithful.


That evening we drove towards Jackson, and stayed an another AMAZING free campsite with great views of the Tetons about a 1/2 hour outside town.


The next day we headed into Jackson to check out the town. There we met up with Avi’s longtime friend Aiden, who took us to an awesome Thai restaurant in town. After lunch, Avi and I started making our way west, and ended up staying the night in a Cabella’s parking lot.

The following day we made our way to Deadwood, Sturgis, badlands and Mt. Rushmore.


That evening we spent in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. The following day was nothing but nonstop driving to get to Avi’s brother’s house in Sterling, MA.